Native American Horoscope

We can gather from many very Old yet reliable Traditional sources, that the Indians didn’t see the Individual Person as separate and divided from their Individual Environment. According to their point of view, which hasn’t lost any of its validity and power of perception, even in the present day, every person builds a rather intimate and Invisible Whole with the Nature surrounding him. We have to be clear on one point: in their mind, all of Human Existence moves in a Circle which moves from Birth to Death to Rebirth. This circle, which fundamentally determines their outlook on things, had great Importance even in Everday Life – as demonstrated by numerous examples.

Within numerous tribes and cultures of far-reaching branches of America’s native peoples, the Indians had, in spite of all the differences due to their history, their surroundings, the conditions influencing their existence, their material cultural heritage, their social environment and their religious concepts, one significant and substantial thing in common, as proved by countless examples.An individual’s true self, his real power and possibilities, his character traits, his abilities and last but not least his responsibility, can only be revealed and laid bare, according to Indian interpretations on the fundamental condition that we come to the realization of the higher interaction between mankind and nature.

Accordingly Indian astrology assigns every individual person to a certain animal (snow goose, otter, puma, hawk, beaver, deer, woodpecker, sturgeon,brown bear, raven, snake, elk), a certain plant (birch, aspen, plantain, dandelion, blue camass plant, yarrow, dog-rose, raspberry, violet, mullein,thistle, black spruce) and a certain mineral (quartz, silver, turquoise, opal,chrysocolla, moss agate, carneol, granite, amethyst, red jasper, copper, obsidian). However, the transcending and all-encompassing perspective of the Native American horoscope goes one important step further: namely, it also takes the four cardinal points of the compass and the four basic elements (earth, water, air, fire) into consideration in its analysis.

In order to better understand and integrate the Indian way of thinking with its characteristic conceptions, we have to be clear on one point: in their mind, all of the human existence moves in a circle which moves from birth to death to rebirth. This circle, which fundamentally determines their outlook on things, had great importance even in everyday life – as demonstrated by numerous examples. In many various rites, customs and ceremonies, the magical circle played just as large a role as the meetings, councils, and festivities. Moreover, different Indian tribes often lay their lodgings in the form of a circle.

According to Indian perspective, the date of birth of a person decides the exact point upon which that individual in question enters the circle. The corresponding phase can be assigned in direct relationship to the twelve moons – the spectrum reaches from the moon of earth’s renewal to the moon of the long snow. In this context, restrictions, boundaries, and stagnation were unknown to Indian astrology. It goes on the assumption that each person has the possibility within his/her lifetime to continually widen his/her horizon and advance to higher levels of consciousness through new perceptions and insights. In respect to the described circle, this means that at a certain point, birth, each human being enters this circle. Mind you, this is only the individual’s personal starting point, for now, he has been given the marvelous opportunity to move within the circle, to traverse it, as it were.

In the Indian way of thinking, therefore, it would be improper to persist at your starting point, tantamount to rigidity, inflexibility, and inertia. Instead, man has the task during his lifetime to get to know and explore different moons, animals, plants, minerals, and elements. Only by doing justice to his true destiny, and broadening and deepening his knowledge, will he live a happy, contented and fulfilled life in harmony with nature and with his natural endowment.

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